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SEBI Registration NO. INA000009250 Investment in stock and commodity market are subject to market risk. Please do not trade on those tips which are not provided through SMS or messenger. Payments should be made in firms accounts only. Don't trade on free trials.Students, Retired Person, Defence Person, and Unemployed Persons having no other income source will not be accepted at the Rudra Investment.



Trading with high confidence, minimal risks and high profit gain is the reverie of each trader participating in stock market. Our Strategic stock tips service is thoroughly focused on the elite customers having high investment strategies. We don’t guarantee our omnipresence but, definitely assure to be inclined towards customer’s satisfaction.

Offers Best Investment Advisory Services for Individuals, Families, Institutions, Entrepreneurs, Start ups, Business Men, Doctors, Lawyers, Women Entrepreneurs and more....

Join now to avail our investment advisory services to generate wealth with long term investments.

Taking advice from your friends, neighbours and random brokers, unregistered Investment advisor and also from that registered company which aim is not to provide best services only wealth create for own self ? Chances are your portfolio of stocks is underperforming. Blindly following such investment advice can eat into your wealth. At Rudra Investment unlike such advisors we provide you research backed advice on best wealth generating long term stocks to purchase. Rudra Investment prides itself for providing clear, unbiased, personalized investment advice.

Risk Appetite:- Moderate
Suggested Investment Required:- 5 Lakh


  • 2-3 Calls In a Week.
  • Each Calls consist of 1-2 Targets and 1 Stop Loss.
  • Proper fund allocation to minimize the risk and optimum utilization of FUND.
  • Investment diversification for maximum ROI.
  • Research reports and weekly market wrap-up to keep you up to date.
  • Clear and unbiased research advice.
  • Daily monitoring and analysis of the portfolio.
  • Free mobile app to boost knowledge and market updates.
  • Daily support-resistance of Indices with morning bell.
  • Full time Support and Updation Via SMS/Chat Messenger/Skype.


  • Idea financial modelling and planning facility for your future requirements.
  • Customization facility is available for Stock & Industry selection for Investment
  • We regularly maintain and update track sheet records of calls on the website.
  • Numbers of shares to buy and sell are mentioned with the call extended by us.
  • At the end of the week, we provide call summary regularly.
  • Weekly & Monthly EIC (Economy, Industry and Company) reports are sent via email.
  • All calls provided by us are Investment calls only.
  • Technical research report will be provided on demand.


  • Trade in each recommendation with a Fixed Capital.
  • Quantity to be traded: Capital per Trade/Price of Stock.
  • Follow the recommendations as you receive them.
  • Always follow Stop loss as recommended in the Call.


  • In this service, 3 teams will support the customer during trading. The project manager will gather all information from the customer including the risk appetite, investment, preferred trading instruments, Maximum duration of holding, etc. Post this, the project manger will derive a suitable trading strategy based on the information provided by the customer. The project manager will be in touch with the customer to gauge and suitably alter the trading strategy if there is any change in the risk profile of the customer.
  • The research team will generate the recommendations via technical analysis and maintain a record of all the recommendations provided with the rationale of the recommendations.
  • Depending on the investment and trading preference of the customer, 2 or more research members will be assigned to the customer.
  • The support team will be front end service provider for the customer. The support team will co-ordinate with the research team and provide the recommendations to the customer via a mode of the customer’s preference i.e. SMS/Call. The support team will maintain the record of all the recommendations provided to the customer and co-ordinate with the research team on a daily basis.

Sample call:- SPS Call- Buy 1000 shares of Volts ltd at 305 TGT 318/335 SL 295(wait for 1 week).
Update:- SPS Call Update- Our buy call of Voltas Ltd book profit at 318 Profit@13000.

Summary:- This Week Give 2 calls both calls achieved TGT.

  • Voltas 1st TGT profit@13000
  • Idea 1st TGT profit@13000
  • Net Profit@26000


Quarterly  71000 +18% GST Payment
Half Yearly  1,15,000 +18% GST Payment
Free Trial Complain Payment