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What Is Strategic Investment Fox: After the deep and intensive research, survey and throw analysis and feedback of investor and trader we have found that the customer is not getting the result, while he is paying very much for the sake of quality services. Subscribing advisory services, taking advice from friends or relatives etc are the common habits of today's Investors. We all need to invest the money because we need to meet our purchasing power as well as the inflation. What is the cost of having losing investments in your portfolio? It’s major. First you are using valuable capital up with nonproductive investments. Second, you are missing many good opportunities.


It is easy; people turn the losing trade into a long-term investment in their mind and say. "It’s only a paper loss." Our guess is that among the overall pollution of investors, most people are sitting on a number of big losers, hoping they will come back. When it comes to investing smartly, you need a diversified Investment Methodology which exhibits a good mix of investment vehicles. Your portfolio should also reflect your comfort level with risk and should work towards achieving your specific goals.
Rudra Investment has gained one of the most trusted Investment Advisor title by its delighted clients, due to its unique and different Investment methodology. After the deep and intensive research, survey and throw analysis and feedback from unsatisfied clients, Rudra Investment succeeds to develop the mindset which really helps our clients to make their investment decision in right way. Our methodology has completely removed the fear of loss and gave confidence to the investors who were not ready to invest at the earlier stage. By the help of our clients Rudra Investment has become the best equity tips providers in India, a name where we give an entire gamut of equity trading services under one roof.


We provide recommendations for stock cash, futures and options traded on NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE and BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE, fulfilling our client’s all financial needs with vigorous and reliable solutions. While suitable for all types of investors, our Investment Methodology is especially suitable for investors looking for exposure to multi-cap stocks with big potential. Our expert investment advisors consist of a team of researchers and analysts who are well qualified & experienced with good exposure of the equity market. Rudra makes use of in-depth research coupled with Technical and fundamentals of investing to increase chances of success. Our experienced research analysts make use of evidence-based research strategies backed by investment expertise.
We also have an on-ground team that meets clients, suppliers, distributors and company management. This team conducts industry research, fundamental analysis, financial modeling and management interaction to provide analysis and inputs to our investment advisors. Some of the on-ground experts have also worked with top global organizations.

Strategic Investment Advisors

We have certain steps that we follow for the process of picking stocks. Out of all possible Indian stocks, we first choose the investable ones based on certain parameters, for example a minimum market capitalization level. We then incorporate certain quantitative factors and filter these stocks based on certain strategy. This is followed up by a qualitative analysis of the company and certain valuation models to determine undervalued or overvalued stocks. The stocks that qualify and clear all the filters and criteria’s are the ones that we select to give out calls. We build an optimal portfolio keeping in mind the risk vs reward matrix and the risk appetite and reward objectives of the clients.

  • Focus on “A” group company with sound fundamentals
  • Focus on trading volume of stocks
  • Focus on breakouts and breakdown in charts of stocks.
  • Focus on latest news about stocks and financial market.
  • Wait for right entry level and exit level in stocks
  • Calculated risk with maximum rewards.


  • Follow your rules.
  • Trading is a Business! Plan well in advance all the requirements and rules before your execute.
  • Always trades with a stop loss, define it before you enter a trade.
  • Always decide your profit booking method in advance, greed may come in between.
  • Set your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly targets and so on for risk as well as reward.
  • Do not over leverage your positions; with extra reward it brings extra risk
  • Do not count on your money when the trade is open.
  • Do not overtrade; trading a position which is bigger than your portfolio size in excitement can be a big risk.
  • Choose to stay in market only when required, choosing a strategy that keeps you in market only 50-60% of times helps you avoid price shocks.
  • Cutting a big amount of risk with a nominal cut in profitability is a good tradeoff.
  • Trade a position which has reward: risk ratio at least 1:1 or greater.
  • Conservative trader should exit on the first Target/SL.
  • Client should trade with equal investment in every call for at-lest 15 days. After joining the services.
  • 3E’s Entry, Exit, Escape: Before you press the enter key, you must know when to get in, when to get out, and escape if trade doesn’t work out as expected.

The objective is enabling our clients to take advantage of the opportunities available in the stock market. The research team endeavors to identify the strategies which are likely to do well for your investment.


Our equity strategies and recommendations are structured to deliver a long-term, sustainable growth to our clients. We focus on companies with good fundamentals, a top quality management having foreseeable growth profiles, strong competitive positioning, complemented with sound balance sheets and solid cash flows.

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